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PSP WiFile Transfer v1 Alpha

PSP WiFile Transfer v1 Alpha

Published by mostwanted on Aug 15th 2008 Udates:
Exiting without close FTP connections freeze, bug solved
Created a intuitive graphic interface
MD5 Checksum added

Further details should be available in the bundle's README, as well as the file source link - remember to read those. Now, in case you're wondering how this application works (but don't want to risk installing it...yet), Luis has enclosed a Youtube video demonstrating what WiFile can do. Enjoy the video and the accompanying download link!

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Hack: PSP WiFile Transfer ...

Description Homebrew Developer Luis Pestana had announces an update to his PSP WiFile Transfer homebrew application.
PSP WiFile Transfer v1 Alpha allows you to access your memory stick from the internet and so anyone can download your things and no-one has to be near you.
Date Added: August 15th 2008
Added by: mostwanted
Tags: WiFile Transfer v1 Alpha, homebrew
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