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PSP States v2 CFW 5.00 M33 Hacks

PSP States v2 CFW 5.00 M33 Hacks

Published by Saud on Feb 15th 2009 Copy seplugins folder content (IMPORTANT: including the empty folder SAVESTATE, as the plugin will not create it) in /seplugins and activate the plugin using the recovery.

This plugin at the moment will only work in game mode, don't bother to use it in pops or vsh.

If you plan to use the plugin for UMD's or for isos in normal mode, then you will have to flash
the file umdcache.prx in this directory, in /kd using usb flash0. Just disabling the Umd cache in
the XMB may not work properly, it is safer to flash this file. Of course you will loose umdcache.
This file is not coyrighted, it is just a dummy module with the name of a sony file.

Hack: PSP States v2 CFW 5....

Date Added: February 15th 2009
Added by: Saud
Tags: psp-hacks, psp-gamming-hacks
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